Purim 2022: a Shmita Purim Goes Into the Woods

The town of Shushan is in a shmita year, when all the debts are supposed to be wiped away, but that’s not what the King has planned. A couple of Bakers yearn to dethrone the King and redistribute his wealth, but find themselves blocked at every turn until they receive a surprise visit from the neighboring witch. Cinderesther dreams that dancing with the King will save the Jews, Haman lusts for power, Jack is drowning in student debt, and Little Red can’t keep up with her granny’s medical bills. And then a giant problem appears. Join the people of Shushan on this journey into the woods and out of the woods and into the woods again…and happy ever after? (I wish!)

The show’s content responds to Yom Kippur sermons by Rabbi Ari Lev Fornari and Rabbl Mónica Gomery of Philadelphia’s Kol Tzedek congregation