Sukkot 2017: Sukkos (Shpil) in the Park with Judy

Sukkos (Shpil) in the Park with Judy: A Havdalah Ritual and Commitment Ceremony for Feygeles and their Friends Between Revolutions in Preparation for the Coming Jubilee

On the evening of October 7th in Judy Garland Park aka Schuylkill River Park, JVP Philly members and friends lead a performance ritual to celebrate the Jewish harvest holiday of Sukkot. Following Purim’s satirical showstopper “No One Mourns the Wicked,” our creative team built a new show around Sukkot’s themes of joyfulness, remembering, connection to community and to our ancestors, honoring our relationship with the natural world, impermanence, diaspora, and water libations.

▲ Co-sponsored by Tikkun Olam Chavurah ▲
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