Fundraising for Direct Action: a Case Study

“Fundraising for direct action and legal defense: a case study of the 2000 RNC protests” by myself and Kris Hermes is now online at Interface: a journal for and about social movements (Volume 7 issue 1)  and was also published in Grassroots Fundraising Journal (July-August 2015, Vol. 34 No. 4).

Click to download the article as a free PDF.

“The fundraising experience during and after the RNC 2000 protests was trial by fire. Once the crisis of mass arrests hit the national media, our capacity to fundraise was enormous. With money coming in from all over and so quickly, it was more successful than any other fundraising effort we had been a part of, and all involved were swept into a steep learning curve. We tried our hardest under tremendous pressure, and looking back we recognize that we desperately needed more structured accountability and more guidance. And still, the results were extraordinary: we got all of our people out of jail, and kept them out. We share this story with hopes for the same results for all who organize for direct action and legal defense!”

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