Public History Adventures

I’m co-organizing this “Defiant Archives” exhibit:

The John J. Wilcox Archives will host an exhibit titled Defiant Archives: Trans Histories of Existence, Resistance, and Brilliance from July-September 2015, with a focus on the history of Philadelphia trans activism. All transgender and gender nonconforming community members are invited to join the curation process by attending workshops which will offer participants an overview of the trans history in the archives, and invite each participant to choose a piece from the Center’s archives to exhibit in the show, or to bring a piece of their own trans history to share in the exhibit.

This exhibit responds to a missing piece in the upcoming Reminder 2015 celebration. Before, during, and after the Annual Reminder Day protests (1965-69) which demanded gender conformity from participants, transgender and gender nonconforming activists have mobilized for sexual and gender self-determination, and for liberation without assimilation.

The co-curators will be attending the April 10th Telling Untold Histories Public History Unconference at Rutgers Camden, and presenting at the April 22nd Public History Community Forum sponsored by the Center for Public History at Temple University and Rutgers Camden

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