Queer Dreams//Nonprofit Blues: Save the Date!

I’m speaking on a panel at this upcoming conference:

Queer Dreams and Nonprofit Blues: Dilemmas of the Nonprofit Tradition in LGBT Politics
October 4-5, 2013
Jerome Greene Hall, Columbia Law School

Panel Description: Funding the Unpopular: Innovative Models of Funding Social Justice
Funding work that is with populations not in the mainstream or that are marginalized and stigmatized in multiple ways remains a challenge. Activists and organizers have to use creative strategies to address this dynamic. What innovative approaches to fundraising have been attempted by groups working with such populations? Do online and grassroots fundraising strategies offer hope to LGBT movement organizations?
Moderator: Dean Spade, Columbia Law School.
Presenters: Andre Banks, ALL OUT; Ezra Berkley Nepon, Writer and Fundraising Consultant; Andrea Ritchie, Streetwise & Safe; Shira Hassan, Consultant and former director, Young Women’s Empowerment Project.

Updating to add link to audio and video of the many panels 

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