Fall 2011

  • Lots of good adventures lately. I was in TN for almost two weeks for Work Hard/Stay Hard. About 100 people came to take part in an incredible work week that included re-roofing the front barn and a million other exciting projects, and we met our fundraising goals!
  • A few days after getting back to Philly, I jumped up to NYC to spend a weekend working with The Sukkos Mob and Great Small Works folks to perform in a show on Rosh Hashana themes: “Truth in Gay Clothes: Your Goose is Cooked!” It was a treat to run around with a bunch of Yiddish-speaking chicken puppets at the GSW Spaghetti Dinner and at Dumbo Arts Festival.
  • Soon after getting back from NYC, I led a cool fundraising-strategy workshop for Books Through Bars Philly which was especially interesting because they have a huge network of supporters, a proven history of doing powerful work, and a great earned-income stream from selling extra donated books online, so this workshop was less about how to ask for money and more about thinking through what strategies make sense for their collective and larger volunteer base to prioritize.
  • I’m finishing my third packet of the semester in my MA program at Goddard and right now I’m writing about Magical Realism as a Tool of Cultural Resilience in Jewish Writing.
  • and the really big news is that my video (with Kate Sorensen and Niknaz Tavakolian) Little Orphan Gender Revolutionary Annie will premier next month at MIX, the NYC queer experimental film festival. More info here!

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