Finally coming back to update this site and a lot has changed in the past few months.

First, it was a pleasure to work with Mx. Justin Vivian Bond and all of the fine feathered members of the House of Whimsy who were part of Re:Galli Blonde at The Kitchen. This review in Huffington Post, by Roya Rastegar, captures the magic of the show gorgeously.

Ms Danger hard at work

Looking a little further back into the Fall, I helped to organize a week-long work party at queer commune Idyll Dandy Acres (IDA). The event was a powerful show of love from people coming from around the country to appreciate this community space and its residents that have inspired and supported us over the years. We rocked out tons of projects including a new solar shower, greywater kitchen drain system, historical archiving and digitizing, running an electrical line to the back barn, hauling tons of trash, a new outhouse, and much more. The food was incredible, the nightly entertainment was outrageous, and all of the work was done with an inspiring intention to practice feminist work ethics. And the project was fully-funded by the donations and fundraising efforts of the attendees!

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