whipped apricot

After three years in NYC, I moved back to Philly! I’m living at Fancy House, a big old Victorian in West Philadelphia – the neighborhood I lived in for 10 years before moving away. It feels great to be back, and I’m settling into the mixed feelings of newness and comfortable-oldness of coming home.  My bedroom has 5 windows – on three walls – and I painted it a light and airy color called whipped apricot that captures the sunlight and looks great with pink.

I had a very rewarding life in NYC, but I didn’t have chemistry with it as a home. I felt overstimulated and exhausted all the time, and my body kept finding new ways to communicate that it wasn’t healthy for me. I’m re-generating over the past few weeks – giving my brain and body new ways to function. I took this picture of a plant that was painted grey along with the wall it’s growing on, but the new leaves are growing in with color.



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